a view from my chair
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Updated 2-2018:


New studio shots of River #7.  Horizontal format is new: 42"x 63"  These are the 3 layers in progress.  The base is completely finished, the middle and front layers are drawn, collage pieces cut and placed.  Next step will be the oil paints.


The middle layer of River #5 is on my worktable, oil painting in progress.  Shot looking down from a ladder!?!






New studio photos of the 1st four large pieces in The River series, based on Ryan Cohan's jazz suite by that name.  Top 2 photos show River #1, mid-layer completed and front layer clamped in front.  Below that, mid-layer of #3 over base, and the first phases of all below that.  All photos 2016 and January 2017.



Lower images:  Jazz Cubano in progress 2014 into early 2015.


#10, flanked by #7 and 8.

Last step before gluing is 

to cut away all extra paper,

setting the painting in motion

visually. #10 is shown taped 

together before gluing.


#10, 8 and 7 with all

layers complete and

clamped over each other.


Middle two images:


August 28, 2014 in my studio:

Same works, much further

along. "Jazz Cubano: Stefon's

'Brown Belle Blues' #7, 8 and

9" base layers completed,

front two layers in progress

and clamped on. #10 is

similar, but not in view.